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After the kick-off of 2019 with a New Year performance on the beaches of Kilifi in Kenya, and in New York six days later at GlobalFest, Gato Preto has the wind in its sails. After receiving excellent feedback on their performance at Eurosonic, they had a full summer booked at big festivals such as Glastonbury, Paleo Festival and IN music.


These deep bass snipers have been traveling the world for over two years and playing in over 25 countries. at that time, they collaborated with various incredibly talented artists, such as the singer Flavia Coelho.


Flavia and Gato Preto met during performances at several festivals in Canada. Their exceptional artistic collaboration has resulted in “Fala Comigo”, one of the most electrifying songs from Gato Preto’s next EP, which is due out later this year.


“Fala Comigo” (Talk to me) stands out, connecting African, American and European musical cultures in a very unique way.


In addition to Gata Misteriosa, the track also presents the galvanizing song of Flavia. Flavia, a renowned Brazilian singer based in Paris, gives the bass bass sound of Gato Preto an unexpected breeze through her musical styles Brazil-pop, Samba and Reggae.


The group is excited about the release of their next album in 2020 and reconnecting with their fans around the world.


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