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Diogo Ramos is a singer-songwriter from Sao Paolo, Brazil. His music is part of the long tradition of Brazilian folk singers. Having studied music, especially the guitar, since the age of 13, he was awarded the Vinicius de Moraes Prize at 16 as a guitarist-performer.


In 2010, he left Brazil to settle in Montreal where he obtained a degree in guitar interpretation, at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He made a name for himself on the Montreal music scene, collaborating with artists such as Paulo Ramos, Bia Krieger, Flavia Nascimento, Rommel Ribeiro, Blanche Baillargeon, among others.


He has worked professionally for 20 years as a music producer, creating 15 albums. In 2012, he produced the album “Egológico Recycle” which provided Rommel Ribeiro with the 2012-2013 Révélations Radio-Canada award in the world music category. In 2014, he produced the album “O Momento Presente é Azul” by renowned artist Paulo Ramos.


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